• We do not accept returns or exchanges for ANY REASON outside of defective merchandise.



    • If for any reason your order is not met to your approval your deadline (per your approved quote), we will make it right.  EVERY TIME.
    • If there is an issue, we will work with you to understand what will be most helpful to make it right.
    • We will jump through just about ANY HOOP to ensure you have your gear how you want it and when you want it.  This is incredibly important to us.  No seriously. WE CARE.
    • Due to the current nature of the supply chain, we do ask that (for now, anyway!) you give us a little more “leeway” in your delivery time – so if you need it the 10th – tell us you need it the 7th.  We will all be happier.



    • We are happy to offer simple designs (text, and text and logo, or anything awesome from our robust graphics catalog) at no charge.  
    • We are NOT a graphic design firm (but we are pretty good at it!!)- so our graphic design time per project is limited to 2-3 hours (at the rates noted below).
    • We typically have 2-4 designers working on a project at once, so pulling one element from one design, another from another design and combining them is not feasible for our design model.
    • For more complex designs, please work with a graphic designer in advance of placing your print order.



  • PRINT READY ARTWORK is typically in these file extension formats: .AI /  .SVG / .PDF / .EPS.
    • You cannot rename a file with a different extension ending to make it work.  It must be professionally converted.
    • Please do not use “online vector conversion” sites to try to convert.  We cannot use these files.
    • There is NO CHARGE if you use files from our graphics catalog for your inspiration.
  • OPTION 1 –  $24 FLAT FEE   Create PRINT READY graphics from an existing art file. 
    • example – recreating a logo that is in .jpg or .png format that is of relatively high resolution.
  • OPTION 2 – $54 PER HOUR  Create a new design (start to finish) with unlimited changes. 
    • Send us (in your words) your vision, color scheme, logo placement and verbiage.
    • Screenshots of designs that you like are VERY helpful, even if they don’t exactly apply to your current idea.
    • A rough pencil sketch or word.doc creation can also be somewhat helpful to help us get started.
    • Discuss the design plan with your entire organization to ensure the vision of the is met in advance of the design process.
    • Again, please note that we are NOT a graphic design firm.  While our designs are really awesome, if you have something specific and complex, you would be best served by working a with a graphic design firm.
  • OPTION 3 $35 FLAT FEE   Embroidery digitizing of any existing logo. 



    • We are happy to deliver via courier or UPS.  We will quote this at the time of request.



    • We do not accept any orders, questions, requests, or issues via text or calls on our PERSONAL devices.
    • We will get back to you FASTER and BETTER if you email or call at 614.656.8016



    • We have samples in the shop of MANY ITEMS.
    • We can order additional samples at retail price plus $15 shipping.
    • We will accept the return of the samples less a 25% restocking fee.
    • We have sizing samples of ALL TEAM UNIFORMS available for every order. 



    • We DO NOT decorate customer supplied merchandise.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


MINIMUMS: it’s a 12 or 20 piece minimum

    • Designs with 5 or more print colors are a 20 piece minimum.
    • Designs with 1-4 print colors are a 12 piece minimum.
    • If you MUST have “one more”,  the cost will be for printing 12 or 20 pieces. The turnaround is 2 weeks.
    • We do not offer less-than-minimum custom orders, such as “2 shirts for a birthday“ or “1 polo with my logo for work”
    • We do have “one-off” options in the shop for some REPEAT school, team & club graphics.



    • Our turnaround for BULK orders (NOT ONLINE SALES) is about 2 weeks.
    • 2 weeks means from QUOTE APPROVAL.  If it takes 7 days to land the approval, then it will be 2 weeks out from THAT DATE.
    • Sublimation print (mostly sports uniforms) can be up to 3-4 weeks.
    • Sometimes we can hit quicker turnarounds. Feel free to ask, but NO PROMISES!!
    • We do not have a rush print option (no, not even for a fee).



    • We highly recommend each team order includes 1-3 extra uniforms in case of extra players.
    • It can take up to 4 weeks to get additional uniforms.
    • Any FILL IN of CUSTOM PRINTED gear (4 pieces or less) will be subject to an automatic 50% price increase.
    • There will be a $15 shipping charge from each factory from which we order.  (If you need to order 2 jerseys, 1 socks, 1 belt, 2 pants, a bat bag and 2 hats, this is 6 different factories that charge these fees.)  We do not up-charge this.  It is from the factories.
    • There is sometimes (BUT NOT ALWAYS) an option to expedite sublimated jerseys and pants. Call to discuss.




Fundraising dollars will not be paid out for stores that do not hit at least $1000 in sales.

The allocated fundraising $ will return to 643SPIRIT to cover the *less than minimum* order costs.


The number of printed design options that can be offered are based on the number of potential buyers in the organization.  

YOU CAN OFFER AS MANY APPAREL or ACCESSORY OPTIONS as desired .  This refers only to the print options on the merchandise.  



12-36 potential shoppers: (expecting at least 10 orders)

1 shirt print option, 1 shorts/pants print option, and 1 embroidery option (left chest, hat, bag etc).


36-150 (expecting at least 24 orders)

2 shirt print options, 1 shorts/pants print option, and 1 embroidery option (left chest, hat, bag etc).


150-500 (expecting at least 75 orders)

3 shirt print options, 1 shorts/pants print option, and 1 embroidery option (left chest, hat, bag etc).


500-1000 (expecting at least 150 orders)

4 shirt print options, 1 shorts/pants print option, and 1 embroidery option (left chest, hat, bag etc).


1000 members+ (expecting at least 250 orders)

5 shirt print options, 1 shorts/pants print option, and 1 embroidery option (left chest, hat, bag etc).


    • Online sale orders take about 3 weeks *after the sale ends* for delivery. This is due to the detailed nature of ordering, printing, sorting, and packing with many different prints and apparel styles.
    • Cups / water bottles / hard goods cannot be offered unless your organization agrees (in writing) to purchase the balance, if the minimum is not met.